TUROMAS in Chile Glass

Chile Glass event for the glass industry in Chile and South America was attended by TUROMAS last July 27th and 28th. In addition, this year TUROMAS participated as a Gold Sponsor. The event took place at the Crowne Plaza Santiago Hotel in Santiago.

Thank you for joining us!


The presentation

In a highly competitive market, it is crucial to optimise production in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the new requirements and high demands for quality and delivery deadlines. The glass storage, loading and cutting area becomes more than ever the production core and the lung for all other processes. In order to guarantee the best performance and an unprecedented scalability and adaptability, TUROMAS has redesigned from scratch the automatic glass storage and loading machines, offering a working capacity up to 300% higher, optimizing the use of space and allowing workflows so far inconceivable both for very reduced spaces and for the largest processors. The new era for smart storage has come. 


Gold Sponsor

Chile Glass is a quality training event that avoids massification and bets on closeness, where TUROMAS once again becomes a Gold Sponsor and technological reference in Latin America.