"It is in difficult times when good service is most needed."


After the recent events happening on a global scale, by the spread of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, TUROMAS has implemented a series of measures to continue with the activity and obligations in a normal and in a responsible manner.

These measures are updated daily to the situation we are experiencing in order to preserve the health of our employees, and to guarantee a complete service to customers around the world. We are living in an absolutely extraordinary situation, and we understand that in difficult times such as these, is when we must be next to our clients guaranteeing the best and personalised service.

We have implemented an action protocol that includes preventive and action measures, among these, we are suspending any visit of customers or suppliers to our factory in Spain and any visit of our commercial or technical support team to the customer installations based on the evolution of the pandemic. We know that this can cause some alterations to the established planning, but we must appeal to the common sense given the circumstances. In Turomas we are well aware that health is the most important thing, because without health there is no economy.

We have implemented a teleworking system and limiting the presence of personnel in our offices. Our staff is working in a normal manner, either in person in our offices or connected to our systems from their homes.

Also, to resolve any eventuality, our technicians will provide any support and technical assistance on a regular basis through the telephone +34 978804665 or through the mail aftersales@turomas.com. Shipment of spare parts and consumables continues to operate normally.

Business hours for Customer Care and After-sales Service will be, from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 15:00 hours GMT+1. Outside, office hours, Saturdays and public holidays, the 24 hours After-sales service will also be available through telephone number +34 978090333.

Finally, from TUROMAS we want to express our support to the people affected, health personnel, security forces and other professionals who are especially exposed, as well as our solidarity with all employers and citizens affected by the measures decreed. We especially want to thank each and every one of the people who make up TUROMAS and who, thanks to their daily work, ensure the continuity of the company and the care of our customers.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Turomas in Spain

Administration contact: 

llamar Tel (7h-15h GTM+1): +34 978 804 158

correo Email: info@turomas.com

Postventa Service: 

llamar Tel (7h-15h GTM+1): +34 978 804 665

llamar Tel 24h: +34 978 090 333

correo Email: aftersales@turomas.com

Turomas in Chile

Comercial contact: 

llamar Tel: +56 944 773 325

correo Email: eduardo@turomas.com

Turomas in Brasil

Comercial contact:

llamar Tel: +55 11 98731 1427

correo Email: rduarte@turomas.com

Turomas in Colombia

Comercial contact:

llamar Tel: +57 300 433 0813

correo Email: jdavila@turomas.com



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