Field of action:
Portugal, Islas de Madeira y Azores.
R. Soprem 1, 2430-132 Marinha Grande - Portugal
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João Esteves
Phone: +351 244 573 480

Interview with Joao Esteves, CEO of JLE – J. Lemos Esteves, Lda.

Presentation of the distribution company and the relationship with TUROMAS

JLE-J. Lemos Esteves, Lda. is a family business founded in 1979 by José De Lemos Esteves and his wife, Maria Virginia da Encarnação Rego. It is located in the city of Marinha Grande, known as the decorative glass capital of Portugal.

As a result of his experience in the area of decorative glass in several glass processing companies, specifically in the production of household glass, cups and bottles, its founder created the company, which was engaged in the marketing of abrasives and machines for that specific area.

In 2001, his son João Esteves joined the company and boosted the abrasives and polishing tools sector not only for this industry, but also for the flat glass sector. The marketing of flat glass machinery began as from that moment. Today, it has several exclusive representations of machinery and tools for the Portuguese market.

 The relationship with TUROMAS began in January 2019, when it signed a sole representation agreement for the Portuguese market, including the islands.

What can your company offer to TUROMAS customers?

The company offers the solutions to the market and a service of quality and responsibility. We have competent and experienced professionals to understand, advise and meet our customers’ expectations and needs. In our team, we have a technician certified by TUROMAS to provide technical assistance.

What is your opinion of the technical training days?

They are extremely important as they allow us to tackle the difficulties and problems that may arise with the equipment. They enable us to act quickly and safely, meeting the needs of our customers.

What do you achieve with the technical certification? What benefits does the accredited training offer you?

In addition to experience and the ability to solve problems, the trust of our customers.

The association between JLE-J. Lemos Esteves, Lda. and TUROMAS has been extremely positive, with commercial agreements reached for monolithic glass and laminated glass cutting solutions.


Certified Technical Service

Technical service certified by the specialists TUROMAS.

Spare parts and consumables

Direct and immediate sale and shipment of spare parts and consumables.

Commercial advice

Technical and commercial advice in the whole process of purchase of machinery TUROMAS.