Our most special greetings for the 2020 holiday season


The festivities are approaching and with them, the end of 2020. A year that undoubtedly none of us will forget.

These have been months of struggle, effort and resilience. A year in which continuing the challenge has meant extra effort and sacrifice.

A year that TUROMAS manages to close successfully. Without a doubt, it has been thanks to the support of each and every one of you: customers, suppliers and workers who have been working hard every day to keep going.

For that, thank you very much! We wish you all the best for this year that is beginning and once again, the ones in charge of sending you our best wishes are the kids of the company.

Ana Solsona Bagan, has been the winner of this second edition of the TUROMAS christmas card contest. Her drawing will be used to congratulate the workers and customers of TUROMAS all over the world.

Our most sincere congratulations to Ana, and to all the participants who have been part of our most special greeting this year. Thank you Ana, Jorge, Valle, Valeria, Victor, Jimena, Valentina and Santiago!

All the works that have been presented will be on display at TUROMAS’ headquarters until the end of the Christmas holidays.

Our little artists


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