TUROMAS celebrates Christmas with a very special Christmas card


TUROMAS celebrates Christmas with a very special Christmas card

It’s less than a month before Christmas begins. It’s a time of lights, decoration, Christmas carols, encounters and gatherings with family and friends… And it’s also a time to send greetings with messages expressing affection and best wishes.

For the first time, TUROMAS has organised a Christmas card game, in which the children, nephews and grandchildren of all the company’s workers between the ages of two and ten could take part.

Aaa has been the winner of this first edition of the competition and her drawing will star in the postcard that will be used to congratulate the workers and customers of TUROMAS all over the world.

Aaa has received a diploma and a briefcase with markers, soft waxes and glitter glue to have fun painting at home or at school. The rest of the participants received a bag of sweets.

On a blank sheet of paper, the children gave free rein to their imagination with the techniques and materials they wanted to use: coloured pencils, crayons, some decorative adhesives… The originality and creativity of the children were valued according to their age. A member of each department, without any relation to the participants, has contributed to choose the winning drawing with his vote.

All the works that have been presented will be exhibited in the central offices of TUROMAS until the Christmas holidays are over.

Our little artists

Turomas joins “Noche Más Mágica”

“La Noche Más Mágica” is a solidarity initiative of Aragón Radio that aims to ensure that the most disadvantaged Aragonese children and elderly people are not left without a present on the night of the Three Kings.

This year, TUROMAS wanted to join the radio station’s solidarity project by collecting, under its Christmas tree, the toys and gifts of all the employees who wanted to participate with this small selfless gesture.

The ATADI centre in Mora de Rubielos also collaborates with the campaign as a collection point and on Thursday 19 December, TUROMAS will bring all the toys and gifts collected there.

ATADI Mora de Rubielos will take the presents to the delegation of the Corporación Aragonesa de Radio y Televisión in Teruel and Cáritas will be the NGO that will be in charge of distributing them among the homes or centres of residence of the children and old people who have the least.


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