Turomas donates the money for the Christmas meal to the Nogueruelas old people's home


The company TUROMAS continues with its solidarity actions and once again repeats its contribution to the elderly people’s home in Nogueruelas managed by the town council.

TUROMAS continues with its solidarity work in the middle of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the latest actions carried out is the donation of 4000€ intended before the Christmas lunch, to the old people’s home in the neighbouring town of Nogueruelas.
The municipal residence of Nogueruelas has more than twenty-five years of history and in recent years has undergone a process of transformation from 24 places for valid residents to 40 for assisted living.
Marcos Benajes, mayor of the town, explained the difficulties that a town council such as Nogueruelas has to face in order to be able to manage the residence. The economic problems are coupled with the responsibility assumed by the council to continue providing a service to the elderly in the town and neighbouring villages.
Although they receive support from organisations such as the Comarca de Gúdar Javalambre and the Diputación de Teruel, it is not enough, and for this reason they have expressed their gratitude for this contribution.
Miguel Tomás, president of TUROMAS, has visited the facilities of the residence together with the mayor. The amount will be used for the purchase of material and furniture as well as to make the pending payments to suppliers.


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