Krysztal and Turomas glass cutting machinery in Poland


Krysztal puts its faith in Turomas to renew its machinery

Krysztal is a glass manufacturer locate in Nowy Sacz, a city in the southeast of Poland. At its Helm are Mr. and Mrs. Plata and their three children. Janek Plata, the head of the family, began making windows out of his own house in 1984.

Aware of the need to improve quality and reduce the time clients had to wait, he began investing in new machinery. Afterwards, the enterprise began to diversify its services and gain new customers, both individuals and wholesalers. 35 years later, it has half a hundred employees.

In addition to producing monolithic, and laminated, glass, their offer includes the creation of edges, panel cutting, and even the manufacturing of windows with decorative resins or sand-mattified glass. One of the most detailed and interesting projects they have done was a stained-glass piece for Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, for the Olympic Games.

The company sells both domestically and internationally, above to all to other European countries; Germany, Austria, the UK, Ireland, and Sweden are its largest export markets. Krysztal’s biggest clients are glass, furniture, and window manufacturers.

In Piotr’s words, “If somebody wants to be a leader, they have to be among leaders. We believe Turomas is a leader in the market of glass-cutting machinery.”

Piotr Plata


Piotr Plata

Piotr Plata, Janek’s son and current Head of Sales and Exports, has not lost sight of business traditions; he is, however, also aware of the need to modernize and adapt to the here and now.

“These days, glass is very much in fashion and demand is very high. That’s why we need qualified, quick, and safe machinery in order to meet our customers’ needs by offering them high-quality glass,” says Piotr.

The Polish company has completed renovated its glass-cutting machinery, choosing Turomas for this change after having gotten to know the virtues of this Turomas product and concluding that this innovation would improve its ability to serve its customers.

The monolithic-glass cutting table chosen by Krysztal is RUBI 403VAC-3; the model used for cutting laminated glass including laminated safety glass (VSG), is LAM 304.

The incorporation of Turomas cutting tables has lowered production times, thanks to the automatic loading of glass sheets, the ability to strip the protective plastic cover from the table itself, and the automatic-labeling system.

“These machines are the most important ones we have in our factory. We’ve been able to improve our productivity, handling a higher volume of orders in less time. This is essential for us because our clients expect very high quality when it comes to what we manufacture,” explains Piotr.

A large improvement in terms of performance, coupled with a high degree of precision in terms of cutting, which minimizes further glass processing, is what Krysztal was looking for, and what they found in Turomas; they are happy with their investment.

Interview with Janek Plata and Piotr Plata, director and sales manager of Krysztal consecutively.

Find out what machinery the installation is made of

RUBI 403 VAC-3

LAM 304


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