TUROMAS AND VIDRARIA MORTAGUA: working together towards innovation.


Vidraria Mortágua now has the objective of becoming the leader in the sector in the coming years and, of course, for this we will rely on TUROMAS."

Rogerio Moreira, Director General de Mortágua

Interview with Rogerio Moreira, General Manager of Mortágua

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The Portuguese processing company, Vidraria Mortágua, has renewed its commitment to TUROMAS by acquiring a new LA-06 smart storage system and float glass cutting line for Easypro. Their general manager, Rogerio Moreira, explains the history of the relationship and the important role that TUROMAS plays in the company.

Vidraria Mortágua was founded in March 1996 selling flat glass and double glazing. Its constant commitment to technology and innovation has positioned it as one of the leading companies in glass processing in the Portuguese market.

Today, it has a production area of 26,000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture of laminated and insulating glass for both residential and commercial applications in a wide variety of sizes. It has a team of 125 people and a network of distributors covering the whole of Europe.

Over the next few years, the company plans to increase its production capacity by more than 30,000 m2.

Vidraria Mortágua (Mortágua, Portugal)

Vidraria Mortágua acquired the first two TUROMAS cutting lines in 2007 and, since then, has relied on it for its glass cutting and, more recently, for smart glass storage systems.

"Our relationship with TUROMAS started in 2007 with a very interesting project. We moved to our current plant in the Mortágua Industrial Zone, where we had a covered area of 8,000 m2, and installed the first glass cutting tables for laminated and sheet glass."

"In 2017, we once again relied on our partnership with TUROMAS and set them a new challenge: to provide us with an 8-m glass cutting line capable of stripping EASY PRO glass: the new protective coating for Saint Gobain safety glass. TUROMAS did a great job and the solution for removing the coating was more than satisfactory."

The Portuguese company currently has 5 TUROMAS glass cutting lines: a laminated glass cutting line and 4 sheet glass cutting lines: RUBI 306T, RUBI 516C, RUBI 518C. The last of them is specifically designed to work with glass up to 8 m long.
These solutions have an innovative ACR (Advanced Coating Removal) stripping system specifically designed to work with EasyPro glass, the new protective coating for Saint Gobain safety glass. The TUROMAS system has been tested and certified by the French manufacturer in Mortágua’s own plant, achieving very good results at 100 m/min and 4,000 rpm.

New RUBI516C cutting line equipped with ACR decoating system

In addition to the cutting lines, in 2021, the company acquired a new LA-06 overhead glass storage system. The equipment is used for the complete management of the storage and transport of glass to the different cutting tables and is capable of feeding up to 4 lines.
In the case of Mortágua, the storage system is made up of 1 automatic glass sorter of 6 x 3.21 m with a total capacity of up to 262 Tn distributed over 23 positions and a fixed rack area with a capacity of up to 519 Tn.
The loader’s handler incorporates a suction cup grid, with each cup equipped with a pneumatic cylinder to absorb pressure, adapt to any irregularities and prevent stressing of the glass.

New aerial loader equipped with an automatic classifier zone and another zone with fixed positions.

Following extensive reformation in the area of production, automation and implementation of the most advanced quality systems in the company, Rogerio Moreira is clear, “Vidraria Mortágua now has the objective of becoming the leader in the sector in the coming years and, of course, for this we will rely on TUROMAS.”


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