Flat Glass Distributors celebrates its Open House and Turomas goes to the appointment


On Wednesday, April 24, Flat Glass Distributors held an open house for all their customers and distributors. The main purpose of the event was to get to know the company from the inside and to continue to strengthen the relationship with clients and representatives.

In addition to visiting the facilities and showing the new machinery, the working methodology, the manufacturing process in full operation or the latest developments, attendees were able to taste several dishes served on the factory in a relaxed atmosphere.

Turomas Machinery at Flat Glass Distributors

All new glass storage, loading and cutting machinery from Flat Glass Distributors carries the Turomas brand. The relationship between the firm from Teruel and the U.S. emerged thanks to IGE Glass Technologies, distributor of Turomas in North America.

The American company has opted for an automatic warehouse SR-07. Its robustness, performance, security and present and future adaptability have made it the best solution for its storage needs.

Through an innovative and powerful tracking system, the SR-07 places the completely filled rack next to the cutting table. The transfer of glass from these racks to the table is done via an automatic LR-07 loader.

While the SR-03 and SR-06 models can load standard and Jumbo sized sheets respectively, the SR-07 version can handle a seven, six or three meter sheet or two three-meter sheets at a time.

As far as the cutting table is concerned, FGD has relied on the RUBI 306C to achieve extraordinary cutting quality on glass from 1.8 to 25 millimeters and to minimize the processing of subsequent glass, reducing production times and costs.

The durability and resistance of the table base to water, chemicals, impacts or curvatures is guaranteed thanks to the combination of the aluminum tabletop with the TFS advanced planimetry system.

The American company’s RUBI 306C table is combined with an MT 600B4 cutting table.

Cutting head of the monolithic cutting table TUROMAS RUBI 306C in the Flat Glass Distributors factory.

SR07 from TUROMAS at the Flat Glass Distributors plant, which is able to load one sheet of seven, six or three metres or two sheets of three metres at a time.

History of Flat Glass Distributors

Flat Glass Distributors (FGD), located in northeast Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the fastest growing glass manufacturing and distribution companies in the Southeastern United States. It supplies hundreds of glass companies throughout Florida and Georgia.

It began its activity as a wholesale distributor of automotive glass and flat glass in the late 1950s. In the 1980s, the business was organized into two divisions: glass distribution and flat glass manufacturing and distribution. Coinciding with this period, an insulating glass line was also introduced and edging equipment was incorporated.

In 2007, it reached its real turning point with the move to a 7,500 square meter building, the modernization of facilities and investment in advanced machinery along with state-of-the-art solutions.

One thing that has not changed at Flat Glass Distributors since the beginning of the project has been their effort to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Products of Flat Glass Distributors

The products and services currently offered by Flat Glass Distributors are: tempered glass, insulating glass units, shower doors, mirrors and glass edges, commercial metal and glazing supplies.


Flat Glass Distributors, in Glass Build America 2019 with Turomas and IGE

GlassBuild America is North America’s annual benchmark trade show for the glass industry and window and door manufacturers. The seventeenth edition of the event, held September 17-19, brought together nearly half a thousand exhibitors at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

For the eighth consecutive year, Turomas participated as an exhibitor with IGE Glass Technologies at GlassBuild America. The stand that both companies shared became the ideal stage to publicize the Flat Glass Distributors project.

For the first time, a video of the series “Turomas In The World” was shown to present a client who has opted for Teruel’s intelligent machinery. With a box of popcorn in their hands, as in the cinema, visitors saw the evolution of the company and heard Tom Lee, its owner, talk about customers, projects or how he met IGE Glass Technologies and Turomas.

In addition to the RUBI 303VA monolithic glass cutting table on display, Flat Glass Distributors was the other major protagonist of the Hispanic American stand.

“If something is wrong we need to be sure that we have someone behind us to move forward. IGE and Turomas give us that level of security” Tom Lee, president of Flat Glass Distributors.

Interview with Tom Lee, president of Flat Glass Distributors

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