Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance on a business’s machinery helps to greatly reduce the need of taking corrective measures which unexpectedly interfere with production. 

To avoid failures, accidents, production stoppage, etc., TUROMAS has launched a preventative maintenance service, which helps increase the life of your equipment. 


· Increase machine life. 

· Reduce unwanted production stoppage.

· Reduce production time lost due to repairs.

· Prevent breakdowns and accidents.

· Reduce costs.

What does it consist of?

It is a complete preventative maintenance plan which includes an annual complete checkup by our most specialized technicians. 

This way, our technicians can ensure maximum precision for the machinery and optimal performance to avoid future problems. 

For each of the blocks which make up the machine, a checklist is created; this tells you whether an element is ‘OK’ or ‘Not OK’ and details the spare parts used during the maintenance checkup.

Furthermore, the actions which you can take to solve the breakdowns or problems detected during the revision are explained in detail

Who is it for?

TUROMAS wants its machinery to be maintained in the best conditions, which is why all those companies which have one of the following models which have been manufactured from 2014 onwards can benefit from the service. 

Monolithic Glass Cutting

Laminates Glass Cutting