Monolithic Glass Cutting Machinery

The RUBI 200 SERIES is a float glass cutting table for companies looking for a highly reliable and versatile stand-alone cutting table.

Max speed: 180 m/min
Max Acceleration: 13 m/s2
Glass thickness: 2-19 mm (0.08″-0.75″)
Accuracy: 0.2 mm (0.008″)

The RUBI 300 SERIES float glass cutting table is aimed at companies looking for a versatile and efficient cutting machine. Available for both Jumbo and standard blades.

Max speed: 210 m/min
Max Acceleration: 15 m/s2
Glass thickness: 2-25 mm (0.08″-1″)
Accuracy: 0.15 mm (0.006″)

The RUBI 400 SERIES float glass cutting table is designed for companies that require high productivity and automation in all processes.

Max speed: 220 m/min
Max Acceleration: 17 m/s2
Glass thickness: 2-25 mm (0.08″-1″)
Accuracy: 0.15 mm (0.006″)

The RUBI 500 SERIES is a cutting table for float glass for companies that require maximum productivity, automation, efficiency and precision.

Max speed: 310 m/min
Max Acceleration: 19 m/s2
Glass thickness: 2-25 mm
Accuracy: 0.10 mm (0.004″)


Extremely robust structural design

Compact and optimised design. The cutting tables are assembled as a whole to gain in robustness and avoid stresses that compromise their operation. Their mechanical design absorbs the vibrations produced by high accelerations and speeds, thus optimising the quality and precision of the cut.

Optimised air cushion

This system allows the glass to be moved manually along the cutting table by means of an improved flotation system. A fan generates a large flow of air which is blown to the surface of the table through adjustable orifices which are evenly distributed.

TFS advanced planimetry system

Use of materials with maximum durability and resistance to water, chemicals and damage. They are ground in combination with the aluminium table top to guarantee the perfect planimetry of the cutting table over time.

Aluminium board

Nuestra innovadora apuesta por los tableros de aluminio minimiza las pérdidas del colchón de aire. Pero lo más destacado es su combinación con el sistema TFS para garantizar la perfecta planimetría de la mesa de corte de vidrio a lo largo del tiempo.

Electronic glass shielding

The machine automatically calculates the rotation of the glass on the cutting table and applies the relevant correction at software level, making the physical squaring of the sheet unnecessary.

Automatic thickness gauge

Prior to cutting each new sheet, the machine automatically detects the thickness of the glass and checks that it matches the thickness entered by the operator. This measure avoids possible human error while ensuring that the correct cutting parameters are used for each glass thickness.

Automatic cutting pressure regulation

The control software recognises the type of glass and assigns the optimum pressure for cutting. The pressure can be adjusted according to the speed to always cut at the highest quality, aided by a constantly lubricated electronic valve for the roller.

Double-guided cutting bridge

The RUBI series uses an oversized double-guided transmission system that avoids contact losses, withstands stress better and increases precision and resistance to inertia.Self-lubrication guarantees optimum operation and ensures the maintenance of the slide.

Cutting head with self-aligning roll

The cutting head is fitted with a self-aligning roll to achieve perfect alignment on both straight lines and shapes, ensuring the highest cutting quality at all times.

Automatic detection of remnant measurements

The cutting machine allows glass measurements to be taken automatically. This function is particularly useful when using glass scraps in order to avoid human error or to automate processes.

Laminated glass cutting

The RUBI series is prepared for high-precision cutting of laminated glass. The operation is performed by first cutting the top layer, turning the sheet and calculating the mirror image in X or Y of the cutting plane so that it coincides on both layers. The different technologies applied in the process make it possible to achieve an accuracy of up to +/- 0.5 mm.

Template scanner

It allows you to read stencils of various materials and thicknesses between 0 and 2 cm by taking dots all around their perimeter. Turomas has designed a powerful vectorisation software that transforms all these dots into continuous stroke shapes. The conversion is more precise than other software available on the market.

Vinyl cutting

Tool adapted to cut vinyl automatically. As it has the same system as the cutting tool, it maintains its functionalities and achieves high quality cuts regardless of the complexity of the shapes.

Cutting of shapes

The RUBI range is prepared as standard for cutting all types of shapes on glass. These can be loaded from the standard shape library, imported from a dxf file or loaded directly through optimisation.

Optimisation software

TUROMAS cutting tables come standard with powerful software on the control panel for the creation and management of optimisations.

Remote assistance

Remote technical assistance system consisting of a set of software and hardware tools that allows authorised Turomas Technical Service personnel to manage maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Access via the Internet is always done with the customer’s prior consent.

Advanced Shape Editor

Software for editing complex shapes in dxf or point format. For shapes consisting of a large number of individual segments, the editor can tangentially join them together to reduce the number of cuts to be made by the machine, improving quality and optimising processing time.

Compatibility with leading software on the market

The devices can link and communicate with the main commercial optimisers on the market. The generated optimisation files can be transferred to the cutting table via a USB memory stick or via the local data network, significantly reducing the transmission time of cutting orders.