K-Star and Turomas, a promising future in the Korean market


Jae Ho Kang is the CEO of K-Star, the only Korean company more than fifty years old that can supply various types of products for the glass industry: from cutting rollers to handling and assembly equipment, to cutting tables with Turomas seal.

For the last four years, it has been betting on the quality of the machinery from Teruel. The close treatment and the immediate attention to the client before any problem on the part of the technical personnel also motivated the election of Turomas in front of other competing firms.

The main peculiarities of the Turomas cutting table, according to Jao Ho Kang, are the fixing system of the cutting bridge and the aluminium profile that guarantees a long life under any condition.

Rubielos de Mora’s brand is not only known, but also recognized among Korean consumers. This good corporate reputation is very important for K-Star in terms of sales and customer loyalty.

“The future of K-Star and Turomas is promising. We are going to be very successful together in the Korean market”

Jae Ho Kang


Installation of TUROMAS in Ajin Glass, consisting of a monolithic cutting table RUBI 306C and a cutting table.

The opinion of K-Star customers about Turomas

Mr. Jang Byeong Yong, CEO of Sung Kwang Special Glass

Jang Byeong Yong is Director General of Sung Kwang Special Glass, located in Bucheon, east of Incheon, Korea. Founded over 40 years ago, this family-owned company specializes in the electronics market and processes glass for liquid crystal or LCD displays.

Its latest project is for South Korean giant Samsung and its revolutionary foldable mobile phone, Galaxy Fold, presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February. To manufacture this hybrid, part mobile phone, part tablet, is necessary a special glass that the intelligent machinery of Turomas is able to cut.

For the choice by Turomas and not by another brand, the personalization and precision of the cutting table, as well as the renowned quality of the equipment of the company Turolense were decisive.

The Sung Kwang Special Glass cutting table incorporates a laser scanner, which is very useful for the company, since most of its customers usually present themselves with a sample without drawing and ask them to make a copy of this original.

As Jang Byeong Yong himself acknowledges, “(…) At the moment, the Korean market is really unhappy with cheap products from China. Customers who have had bad experiences with these products will surely look for quality products in the future. If Turomas continues to promote good quality, customers will no doubt choose it.”

Mr. Jung Heon Bong, CEO of Ajin Glass

Ajin Glass is a company specializing in chamber glass and tempered glass that was founded almost three decades ago. Between its two locations, one in Yangsan and another in Busan, there are fifty employees.

At the moment, the firm is focusing more on selling glass in Busan and its largest client is building large residential condominium units in this area, making it one of the largest projects in the country.

The South Korean company’s impression on the Turomas cutting table, compared to other tables manufactured by a national brand, is that both precision and tolerance are very good.

Two functionalities that the Turomas machine integrates and that the Ajin Glass Director values positively are the infrared sensor and the dust collector.

The first one detects the human contact and paralyzes the cut, thus avoiding a possible accident. The second aspirates the suspended dust, ensuring the best health of the air in the workplace.

Jung Heon Bong hopes that customers will continue to trust the accuracy of the equipment and that the Teruel brand will continue to expand in the Korean market.

Interview with Mr. Jae Ho Kang, CEO da K-Star, Mr. Jang, Byeong Yong, CEO da Sung Kwang Special Glass e Jung, Heon Bong, CEO da Ajin Glass.

TUROMAS strengthens its position on the Asian continent

Turomas currently has a presence in more than a hundred countries spread across all continents, but by 2019 the company intends to place special emphasis on Asia and strengthen its positioning there.

In February, Álvaro Tomás, Vice President of Turomas, began a trip to Southeast Asia. The first stop was in India, then made a stop in Vietnam and the last destination was Korea. Thorngate Sales Cop, Eurotechcorp and K-Star are the distributors that collaborate with the Teruel brand in these markets.

The customized integral solutions and the exclusive and patented systems, like 4Tool or TFS of advanced planimetry, have placed Turomas as the best alternative motivating the alliance with the Indian and Vietnamese companies.

China Glass, Asia's largest glass exhibition

China Glass Expo is the largest glass fair in Asia and one of the most important international fairs in the sector. This year 2019, the exhibition will be held in Beijing from 22 to 25 May and will celebrate its 30th edition.

For the second time, Turomas will once again participate and take advantage of the exhibition’s potential to present its intelligent machinery for storing, loading and cutting glass, as well as its latest technologies.



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